Relatively Portal

A four week project. While I was brainstorming I came across a picture called ‘Relativety Stairs’ by an artist called M.C. Escher. I thought it would be an excellent assignment to improve on my texturing skills. But the picture needed something else and since I was playing the game Portal at the time, why not combine the two? This was a very good project where I learned a lot about texturing and how exactly they are created.
   Even after the deadline had passed I was still improving the picture, since there were just so many details on the picture I didn’t have the time to add in the four week period. And since it was my first ever project to work on over such a long time, I also learned a great deal about how you should organize your time correctly.
   I am very pleased with the result and I can’t wait to work on another project of the same scale. Rendered with Vray.

Kasper Filipsen

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